E.S. Player
1999-02-14 : Here is my description of the project from when I last worked on it. A big thank you to Straker Skunk for hosting this on his web site for quite a while. I started this project 1998-10-03, and actually made quite a bit of progress on it. I wonder if I'll take it up again? I'll make the source available when I CVSify it.

Here is the [source] of a work in progress. This program plays MovieSetter animations. You know, the kind of animations the Eric Schwartz does. It currently works on Win32 platforms.

Other work in this area:

  • XAnim by Mark Podlipec, for X-Windows. No sound support.
  • A port of XAnim by Michael Kraft, for Win32 with an X server.
  • ShowMVS by Richard Mulder, for DOS
  • Rob Powell is supposed to be working on a version of ShowMVS for Win32 (link?)
  • Robert Carboneau is working on a player for Linux. (link?)

    The most recent changes:
  • Redo the palette class to make it ref-counting. We now always allocate both types of palettes, which makes the animation loop faster.
  • Create a Buffered Reader class. This improves the byte-by-byte reads. Also optimized the de-interlacing code, which helped significantly. I shaved 2/3 off the loading time.
  • Lots of UI fixes. You can now rewind to the beginning of the movie. Also, moved the window stuff into a class. It's getting better
  • Basic sound support! Yay! Thanks for the pointers, Robert.
  • New artwork. I put something I drew myself in there instead of something ripped from someone else, since people tend to get upset about these things. I Still have to come up with a good icon. And If anybody comes up with a better name for the program, I'm open to suggestions. :)
  • So Michael, a friend of mine, came over and said, "You can't use top level menu items as buttons! You have to use a tool bar!" I replied, "But I don't know how to do toolbars. You write 'em." And he did. Thanks!
    The next things that will be fixed:
  • The frame timing is all off, and I don't know why. It seems inverted. What I really need is a reply from Eric to the message I wrote him a couple of months ago. Time to go into pester mode, I guess.
  • I want to put in a slider that tells you where you are in the movie.
  • I want to put in a statistics dialog that tells you about the currently loaded file
  • I think that I can still improve the memory usage of the Palette class.
    An eye towards the future:
  • Palette swapping does nasty things in 256 color mode. Time to learn DirectDraw.
  • IFF support sounds cool.
  • Support modification of the aspect ratio. Wouldn't you know Amigas don't have a 1:1 aspect ratio.
    C o m m e n t s :    
    (nothing yet)