Journal: 2005-02-12

Today I slept in late (after staying up late to watch The Last Unicorn). I exercised, and we had lunch at Central Market. Michelle worked on her papers and pruned her roses. At 3pm, we cleaned up and went to see Cirque Du Soleil's Varekai. Cirque Du Soleil never fails to impress - it was very cool. They have such a great mixture of things - neat costumes and story acts, comedy acts, and amazing acrobatic acts. And they usually have more stuff going on than you can pay attention to at once. They did one act wich was acrobatics in a net suspended in the air which was amazing and hard to describe. I like the jugling and the Russian swings where they launch people into the air. They had one guy playing tricks with fire, but it was in the background when other performers were doing some incredibly athletic dancing (spinning around on their knees) so you couldn't watch both. The music was good. It was similar to "O", but I still may get the soundrack when we go to Las Vegas.

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