Journal: 2005-01-30

I decided to take a picture of my witeboard notes from last week. I tried the demo version of WhiteboardPhoto, and it cleaned up the picture very well. The funny thing is that the demo version says you can buy it for $80. However, online they sell it for $250. Now, $80 maybe, if I was feeling like splurging. But $250? When the software itself says they should sell it for $80? When they're too lazy to even update the software? I'm not impressed.

We mostly just worked on tasks around the house today. I spent more time working on the budget. We went to Central market for Lunch. I had some pasta salad with red bell pepper and portabello mushrooms. Michelle had vegetarian sushi, which she gets quite often, and the lady at the cash register for some reason was quite impressed that you could get sushi without the raw fish in it. :) We had bubble tea and watched Troy, the other movie I borrowed from Scott. In an odd combination, we had Stag chili for dinner too. Stag chili now comes in a box! I suppose it's a bit easier to open than a can, but you still can't microwave it.

What else? Well, here's a secret for you. If "View Source" stops working for you in Internet Explorer, or you can't drag a picture out of a web page into a folder, or you can't save a picture in any format other than .bmp, the problem is that the cache index is full. If you flush your cache, everything will start working again. Thank goodness for Google, because I ran into this problem and I was really getting worried that something was badly wrong.

In closing, I'm going to put in a plug for Tales Of The Questor. It's getting really exciting - the bad guys are closing in and I don't how the hero is going to pull their bacon out of the fire. Of course, I suggest starting at the beginning of the story or at least the start of this episode.

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C o m m e n t s :     updated: 2005-04-20 (4596 days ago)
2005-04-19 : If you use the coupon code (listed both in the huge watermark the demo creates, and in the "Help>How To Upgrade" menu) the website gives you the 79.95 price.
2005-04-20 : Yes, I noticed that! I convinced my work to buy a copy, since software developers are always creating useful diagrams on whiteboards. And fpr $80, it was an easy sell. :)
-- Louis! :)