Journal: 2004-01-05

Pretty normal day. I finished my book (Patterns of Enterprse Application Architecture) this morning on the plane. It was good. I know a lot of the ideas in it in a fuzzy way, but it helps to see someone draw lines in the sand between the ideas and then talk about why they put the lines where they did. It was cold this morning in Minneapolis. The pilot made an announcement over the intercom that we had better put our coats on before getting out of the plane, because it was -6° outside!

I came in this morning to a Geneva pricing problem. This time, it was managing to get prices for things it shouldn't have. I tracked it down to the use of some ambiguous IDs. Now I just have to decide what to do instead. The rest of the day was pretty much taken up with talking to people. I talked to DanC about my review and future plans, and I talked to DanT about ideas on how to improve the InstrumentService by going to an attribute bundle model with associated constraints and key generators.

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